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The Most Incredible Heists Of The Last Century

Some of the greatest heists in history are still unsolved. How did the criminals do it? Could it be possible they used magic? See the most magical of all bank heists in Now You See Me, in theaters May 31.

1. Security Pacific National Bank, 1978

2. The Bank of Ireland Heist, 2009

3. The Brink's-MAT Warehouse Robbery, 1983

4. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Theft, 1990

5. The Fortaleza Banco Central Heist, 2005

6. The Dunbar Armored Robbery, 1997

7. The Great Train Robbery, 1963

8. The Antwerp Diamond Heist, 2003

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On a weekend in February 2003, 100 million euros in diamond gold in jewelry were stolen from a protected vault two floors underground and behind 10 layers of security. How did they do it? Watch the video to find out some interesting speculations.

9. The Kent Securitas Depot Heist, 2006

10. The Reichsbank Robbery, 1945

11. The Knightsbridge Security Deposit Robbery, 1987

12. The Harry Winston Heist, 2008

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Disguises and slight of hand characterize this amazing $100 million diamond heist in which took place in one of the most luxurious districts in Paris. But that's not where the mystery ends. Watch the video for a theory of how they might've done it.