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9 Thoughts Only People Addicted To Streaming Will Recognise

If you love streaming, these thoughts have definitely crossed your mind.

1. Thoughts that go through your mind when you finally finish that series you've been binge-watching.

2. "Will we ever find something we both agree on watching?"

3. “I should probably go to bed in a bit…”

4. “Can I get away with watching an episode – no, two episodes – on my lunch break?”

5. When you need a change of scenery.

6. “I don’t have a problem. I can stop any time. Just not right now – in the middle of Season 3.”

7. When you're not sure about a new show recommendation.

8. “Would it be weird for me to watch this on the toilet?”

9. When you've watched the latest episode without your significant other and struggle to keep the spoilers in.

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Illustrations © Ben Armson / BuzzFeed