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12 Movies That Set Unrealistic Expectations About Love

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1. The Notebook

New Line / Everett Collection

An elderly woman suffering from dementia forces her husband to read her the tale of their outrageously epic love every day.

Chance of actually happening: 2.7 Just watch it, and you'll know.

Those who have seen it will understand why.

2. The Vow

Kerry Hayes / Screen Gems / Everett Collection

Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams are deeply in love until one day, Rachel loses her memory, sending Channing into a frantic effort to try to make her remember and get her back.

Chance of actually happening: 10.0 The film was based on a real relationship between Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. According to the couple, their religious faith and their wedding vows before kept them together.

3. Silver Linings Playbook

Weinstein Company / Everett Collection

Happily ever after is the only ending for a bipolar man with violent tendencies and an idiosyncratic girl with a flair for forging letters, AMIRITE?

Chance of actually happening: 8.0 If Rihanna found love in a hopeless place, maybe there’s hope for these two.

4. 50 First Dates

Columbia / Everett Collection

Hot Hawaiian chick has a one-day memory capacity. Adam Sandler must enchant and remind her of their love every single day.

Chance of actually happening: 3.0 Goldfield's Syndrome is a Hollywood fabrication, but anterograde amnesia is real!

5. What Women Want

Paramount / Everett Collection

Through a freak hairdryer-in-bathtub situation, a chauvinist gains the ability to read women's thoughts. He uses his newfound powers to literally get inside the heads of the women in his life and gain their trust and love.

Chance of actually happening: 2.0 Do NOT try this at home.

6. Romeo and Juliet

20th Century Fox Film Corp / Everett Collection

Juliet glimpses Romeo through a fish tank and is immediately smitten. The two begin a forbidden affair that ends tragically.

Chance of actually happening: 7.0 Crimes of passion.

7. Notting Hill

Universal Pictures / Everett Collection

Worlds collide when English bookkeeper randomly meets famous American film star on the street one day. He spills orange juice on her top. OF COURSE they fall in love.

Chance of actually happening: 8.5 Never say never.

8. The Parent Trap

Buena Vista Pictures / Everett Collection

Twin daughters separated at birth coincidentally meet at summer camp and stage a plan to rekindle their parents' romance.

Chance of actually happening: 10.0 Apparently twins getting separated at birth is totally a thing!

9. Moonrise Kingdom

Niko Tavernise / Focus Features / Everett Collection

Two tweens escape into the wilderness, elude the efforts of adults to stop them, elope, and try to live happily ever after.

Chance of actually happening: 4.3 Beautiful, quirky, precocious children must exist somewhere.

10. Groundhog Day

Columbia / Everett Collection

A man caught in a time loop is forced to relive Groundhog Day over and over again, which means he can attempt to woo his love interest EVERY DAY. FOREVER.

Chance of actually happening: 1.5 We don’t know about you, but we definitely cannot defy the laws of physics for love.

11. Elizabethtown

Paramount / Everett Collection

Failed business man, Drew Baylor, meets and falls in love with a quirky flight attendant in the wake of his father's death when she forces him to go on an elaborate road trip accompanied only by his dad's ashes.

Chances of actually happening: 5.0 Anything can happen when you're out on the open road... with the ashes of a loved one.

12. Cinderella

Walt Disney / Everett Collection.

The classic fairytale: princes, princesses, and explicitly stated happily ever afters.

Chance of actually happening: 8.0 You know, when you wish upon a star your dreams really can come true!