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Q & A With Gary Redman

We sat down with the main man that started Now Careers, construction recruitment agency, Gary Redman, to pick his brain and to see what makes him tick. Here is some great business and life advice for us all to learn from!

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What was your experience before you started NOW?

I had no business experience at all, I left school with no exams. To be honest, I was asked to leave school as I was quite the naughty boy. After a number of jobs, I landed a job in recruitment where I worked hard and was promoted to manager. Then I took my foot off the gas as I thought as I'm the boss I should do less. Obviously, I was wrong and ended up getting fired. I worked for three more companies before setting up on my own under the brand of Skillman. Even though I had no business experience at all, I learned.

What was your motivation in starting the brand?

I wanted to change the brand from Skillman as it was limiting us, the dot com thing was all starting and I wanted a brand that represented us and the business. I came up with NOW as when we get a business idea we want to make it happen NOW, achieve things in the NOW, our clients always wanted people NOW so it just seems to fit. I love the brand, it works so well in so many ways

What do you think is the secret to your success?

I don’t see myself as successful, there is so much to achieve and so much I should have achieved, I think it actually taken me 25 years to figure out success and its quite simple. MORE - the more you do the more you achieve. This way of thinking counts in business, sales and even working out in the gym. The more you do the more you will achieve. Some business ventures have failed but without trying I would never have known. It's like a sales call, not everyone will buy off you but the more calls you do, the more visits you get and the more activity you will get.

I now have a desire to achieve MORE and MORE for everyone involved, as a business we like to give MORE also.

How will you be celebrating this milestone?

We celebrated in London with a private dinner and private night club, it was like one big family party.

What do you think is the secret to Now’s longevity?

The people and how you treat them. We have this right in so many areas but also not so right and this is what we are working hard on. The MORE is a new concept and we will roll this out across the business in July. We want all our people to achieve MORE at every level within our business.

What is the main factor that you look for in your staff?

Great question! I would say drive, ambition and now just the want to achieve MORE. The MORE for earnings, careers progression, to be part of a team that shares the same values and ethics of achieving

What are the major changes that have occurred in the recruiting world in the last 25 years?

Legislation and the government taking the fun out of business. They just put more taxes on us and try to suffocate the entrepreneur spirit, if they actually left us to get on with our business instead of trying to slow us down we would make more profits. More profits would allow us to pay more corporation tax and individuals would earn more money and pay more tax. I feel this would be a win-win situation but the government look at things in a strange way. I have high views on this, let business grow, let people succeed and make allow us to make decisions.

If you weren’t a Recruitment God, what other job do you think you would be doing?

Van driver

Last but not least, what advice would you give to someone that is just starting out in recruitment?

Be realistic, know why you are doing do it, if its about money make sure the numbers add up. It's not always being in business that will make you money. Be prepared for failure, be prepared to take a risk and make sure your numbers are right.

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