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15 New Furniture Pieces From The Novogratz That Are Both Beyond Stylish *And* Affordable

Yes, you can appease both your style and your budget.

1. An olive green futon that easily reclines into three positions: upright for sitting, lounging (hello, movie marathons), or sleeping.

olive green couch styled with pillows in a boho-style living room

2. A hanging swing here to transform your patio into the relaxing spot it was always meant to be. You can tell your friends *now* that if they need you, you'll be in the backyard.

model sitting in the chair with cushions on bottom and back for support

3. A plant stand because your ever-growing plant collection has now made its way into every corner of the house. Free up some floor space and display your green beauties with this stylish piece!

plant stand with three different tiers to display plants

4. A 3-in-1 media dresser that's your perfect WFH solution. Now you'll have a designated area for your desk that doesn't involve balancing your laptop on a pillow on the couch.

desk/dresser/media stand with drawers, a desk, and cubbies for cable boxes and modems

5. And! An actually stylish office chair featuring a ribbed, tufted back and a lift mechanism, so you can find the height that works best for you. With this darling chair, you don't have to sacrifice style for function!

swivel desk chair in mustard color

6. An outdoor table and bench set that seats up to four people so you can enjoy all your meals outside when the weather is basically begging you to soak up that sweet, sweet sunshine.

7. An elegant nightstand with plenty of room for your bedtime essentials. Store your books, cords, and remotes in one of the drawers, and use that open shelf space for your favorite knick-knacks and other decor.

nightstand in a mint green with two drawers and a shelf

8. An upholstered bed that'll create the perfect base for whatever design and aesthetic you're going for. Dress it up with bold prints, or keep it simple with neutral bedding. The canvas is blank, and it's all yours!

upholstered bed styled in bedroom with neutral bedding

9. A pillow-back sofa to add some classic charm to your tiny (but lovely!) apartment. Or use it as an accent piece to your other glam furniture.

blue couch styled in living room

10. A ready-to-hang print for the empty wall you didn't know what to do with...until now. Choose between six sizes and five frame colors, and *boom*, you've got some incredible artwork.

print of a human figure styled in a vibrant space

11. An indoor/outdoor rug inspired by Italian textile prints. You might not be able to explore the Mediterranean coastline, but you *can* bring a piece of it into your design.

blue/white rug with a geometric design styled in backyard

12. A set of faux-marble nesting tables that prove you don't have to drop five paychecks just to have this chic trend in your living room.

two nesting tables styled as a coffee table

13. A tufted wingback bed made for royalty. With this stunning piece in your bedroom, people will have to refer to your as "Your Highness" moving forward. It's only fair.

green bed styled in a bedroom

14. A set of outdoor lounge chairs guaranteed to become your new hangout spot. You + a good book + this chair + warm weather? You'll never want to leave.

two lounge chairs with pillow cushions styled on a patio

15. And a stylish rocker if you'd like more seating outside or on your deck, but aren't feeling the traditional options. This bright design is sure to bring some warmth *and* flair to any space.

two rockers in a bright yellow

Find even more affordable, incredible styles at The Novogratz!