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Protein Foods Is Key To Essential Health

UNDOUBTEDLY our bodies need it, but how much do we really need and what does it do for our bodies?

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Protein foods are good to our health, too much protein may be critical.

What is protein? Conventionally, proteins are made up of 20 amino acids.

Nine of these are considered essential - that is, your body cannot make them by itself and must get them from food, whereas the body can manufacture the others if they're not consumed as part of the diet.

The role of protein. In fact, protein has a number of key roles in our bodies: it enables the growth and repair of body tissues; forms muscles, skin and hair; maintains fluid balance; and enables cell-to-cell communication, among many other things.

Which sort of foods include the highest rate of the protein. When it comes to meat, we have the poultry, fish, eggs. Whereas in dairy products we have milk, and milk products such as cheese and yogurt are excellent sources of protein, providing all the amino acids that your body requires.

Protein is also available from plants, in the form of legumes, nuts and seeds, and grains.

With the exception of soy and soy products such as tofu, plant proteins don't provide the full complement of amino acids, and so must be combined with other foods if they are the sole source of dietary protein.

Plant foods also contain useful amounts of dietary fiber and carbohydrates, which are essential in a healthy, well-balanced food intake.

Some international resources such as this outstanding French website Aliment Proteine claimed that we should eat unknown foods, they include natural whey and some oriental and Arabic foods. Indeed, we fairly know that eastern foods include low amount of protein and high amount of fat. Yet, the foods mentioned in our denoted resource are really surprising when it comes to how much protein they include. Whereas, Rich Protein Vittles Galore by Noureddine Khiti states the absolute dissimilarity besides some food puns and phrases.

How much protein do you need? The amount of protein you need in your diet depends on your weight, age, and health. As a rough guide, the recommended dietary intake (RDI) for protein (measured in grams per kilogram of bodyweight) is:

* 0.75g/kg for adult women

* 0.84g/kg for adult men

* Around 1g/kg for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and for men and women over 70 years.

Overall, protein is not the only element you need in food, if you keep insisting on protein you gain big muscles but you may lose some interesting elements such as magnesium and the beneficial fat. What is matter is to maintain your eating program to satisfy your body's needs. Finally, protein is good but the too much protein may harm.

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