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    Not Your Average Gifts To Get For Your Boyfriends Birthday!

    Do you always have trouble trying to pick out birthday gifts for your boyfriend? Well heres a lists of gifts that are not so basic for him!

    1. Candle with YOUR face on it


    Does he love candles? Does he love you? Then why not get him a personalize Yankee Candle with your face on it. It wouldn't only look great in his room but even in his office.

    2. The Meme Bible


    We all know you and your boyfriend tag each other in memes on social media all day, why not bring it to life with a Holy Meme Bible coloring book!

    3. Wood Docking Station

    PaybacksABeach / Via

    Obviously your boyfriend has an Apple Watch, phone, Fitbit and car keys. This is a MUST to keep him organized because we all know he texts you on the daily asking where he left one them!

    4. Personalized Beer & Wine Duo

    Jennifer Francis Fillinger / Via

    This is the perfect gift for the both of you to enjoy! During those movie nights or at home date nights you can have your customized glassware to drink out of!

    5. Love Coupon Book

    Something Turquoise / Via

    Now you might think this one is really cheesy but he will LOVE you for this one. Not only can you make it cute and fun but also sexual (aka: good for one: head ;) or make it cute and go for the (good for one: play video games without me interrupting you). Either way he will LOVE it!

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