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16 Signs You Are In Love

Beatles got it all wrong. Love is not all we need. Love is all there is. Falling in love is probably the best feeling ever- even with second thoughts and moments of self- doubting- it is a sickly sweet feeling you can’t help but enjoy. Soak up every moment of it.

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1. Your future has him/ her

This may not necessarily be marriage and kids. You think of a movie that is releasing in the near future and you think of watching it with him/ her. Vacations, parties- you are automatically planning it with him/ her.

2. You miss him even if it is only a day apart

Or hours.

Or minutes.

You just waved bye and miss the other person as they walk away.

Even minutes away feel like an eternity.

3. You’re over your ex

Until a while ago, your ex was still at the back of your mind. Well, not anymore. You have forgotten about the pictures that used to be your wallpaper.

4. You are more tolerating

Habits that used to annoy you- you deal with it. In time, you even start finding them cute. We spell it l-o-v-e.

5. You make sacrifices for him/ her

You save your last slice of pizza. You bunk plans to meet up with them. You postpone your bedtime to talk to them.

6. He/ She is your go to person

Bad day at work, fight with your best friend- you run straight into their arms.

7. You feel safe

This follows the previous point. With them, it is as though there is a protective shield that keeps away all evil. With them, the world seems more tolerable.

8. You are weird around him/ her

You make your weird jokes without any fear of judgement. You are not super hesitant to sing along to your favourite song. There is comfort level established and it is blissful.

9. Random things on the street reminds you of him/ her

That random guy on the shirt has a pattern on his shirt, he has a handkerchief with the same pattern- everything goes back to him/ her.

10. His/her mood affects yours

You get snappy and grumpy when he/ she is going through a tough time. You are excited for a good news that came their way.

11. You want to know his/ her past

Endless curiosity about his/ her ex, childhood, friends- anything little details about the person, YOU NEED TO KNOW.

12. You obsessively check your phone

Your phone is not on silent mode and it hasn’t made a noise in the past one hour. You still pick up your phone and check messages you never received in the first place.

13. You find yourself talking about him/ her a lot

All conversations lead straight into a conversation about him/ her. If you are not talking about them, you are thinking about them while your friends talk.

14. You re-read your messages

You absolutely cannot get over the cute good morning message he/ she sent you. It’s 9 pm and you are still smiling about it.

15. You take a mental note of things he likes

Favourite colour to how they like their coffee- you are a mini encyclopaedia.

16. You thought of one person through the post

Now you are either smiling or freaking out.

This quiz is based on the novel Triple Intergration Of Love- A love story that revolves around 3 different people with one thing in common- LOVE.

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