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10 Moments People Who Get Migraines Will Recognize

Why must the world be so bright?!

1. When the weather changes so you know literally nothing is going to make you feel better today.

2. When you walk anywhere near a perfume aisle and instantly regret your life.

3. When people assume you're wearing sunglasses indoors to look cool.

4. When you finally go from the hot/noisy street to your cool/quiet home.

5. When someone takes a photo but forgets to turn off the flash.

6. When you want to show an emotion but moving your face muscles causes excruciating pain.

7. When these guys show up and you want to be appreciative but instead you just look like you want to crawl into a hole.

8. When you look at your phone but forgot to turn down the brightness.

9. When you have to brace yourself any time you hear a siren heading your way.

10. When people assume you're hungover and you don't correct them in order to avoid another headache.

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NOTE: This is not a scientific article. It isn’t intended as a substitute for professional medical advice.