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5 Reasons Why Your Dogs Are Better Off Keeping Their Tails And Ears

Today, much research has gone into the effect that ear cropping and tail docking have on dogs. In the article, Tail Docking and Ear Cropping Dogs: Public Awareness and Perceptions it provides awareness as well as a three-part experiment in which most results prove negative consequences. It provides several reasons why dogs should keep their natural state. The surgery itself dates back to olden times when people believed that by modifying the ears and tail, dogs would have a lower risk of being harmed in battle. However, dogs are no longer used in battle so the procedure to date is completely cosmetic.

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1. They are seen as unattractive


Dogs with docked tails often display a different behavior than breeds with their natural tails. When encountering a modified dog, other breeds find them unappealing or unapproachable. While this may seem like a harmless act dogs rely much on first impressions when seeking a potential mate, preventing this can cause damage to the dog's self-esteem. Many owners admit that when wanting puppies if their dog can't naturally find a partner then they rely on puppy mills for aid. So in summary, if a dog encounters another dog that’s the same breed he is approachable and friendly; however, if a dog encounters that same dog but with modifications on the ears and/or tail it immediately gives the impression of an unfriendly dog and therefore not wanted anywhere near them, this causes the modified dog to feel unwanted by other breeds and can have a lasting effect on their attitude.

2. They have a much more different relationship with the owner


Dogs are man's best friend, they're loyal, kind, and just the best kind to be around. But it's been proven that dogs with modified ears and tails have a different relationship and view of their owner. Dogs who get their ears cropped and tails docked are seen as show dogs and often have to display that dominance around other dogs. They see their owner above them rather than a friend, the owner is seen as something to protect because they are told to rather than because they want to. This kind of attitude toward the owner also affects the attitude of the owner as well.

3. Relationships with dog also affect the owner


Evidence has been given that owners of modified dogs have unfavorable personalities. The owners of these dogs are more likely to be unfriendly, less talkative, more aggressive, and more dominant. Natural dogs’ owners are seen to be more happy and playful with their dogs and highlight the best traits of their pet. Compared to owners of the modified variety, they are seen to be more serious of their pet and its visual appeal. And who can blame them? When presenting a dog as a show dog the owner often must play the part as well, with the surgery costing an average of $150 to $600 dollars it can give a bourgeois impression when encountering other owners.

4. Your pup won't be approached


In the recent years, more dogs are facing a dilemma when out in public, certain breeds are aggressively unwelcome if not banned. The stigma that a dog is bad based on how they look discriminates them in a manner they cannot comprehend. When a dog undergoes the procedure, they develop an unnatural personality that wouldn’t be there had they been in their natural state. Constant neglect and aggressive approaches from other breeds often leave the modified dog in an anxious state because they learn that they aren’t like the other dogs. The impression isn’t welcome among them; most likely they won’t be welcomed around their human companions either. Breeds like Pit bulls, Boston Terriers, and Great Danes are popular for their mean, modified appearance. Often these breeds are discriminated against due to the harsh representation they give off. Despite the negative impression of these dogs they’re known for their strong bonds and loyalty to the owner, but when given the cosmetic procedure it increases a dog’s agitation and picky attitude towards others.

5. Dogs prefer their natural looks


Changing an aspect of a dog does not always affect how they view the owner because ultimately a dog wants to always make their parent figure happy. However, it does affect how they view themselves and the breeds around them. Dogs who are adopted into homes usually expect the same love and acceptance from their owners that they give out. When wanting to adopt a dog it’s always good to consider the pros and cons of the breed you want. Adopting a dog is no different than having a child, once having them you are accepting everything about them. If someone finds themselves wanting a dog with short ears they might want to review breeds who have naturally short ears or dogs with short tails rather than changing a dog who doesn’t have those parts. Dogs love us and we love dogs and if they can accept our entire package than we should be able to do the same.

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