I Hate To Break It You, But The Woman In Your Life Does Not Want These Things For Valentine's Day

    Say NO to the heart-shaped jewelry.

    1. Love coupons

    an envelope with phrases, "good for one free foot rub," "redeem for a back massage," "date night of your choice," and "exchange for sexy time" written over it

    2. Any variation of the heart-shaped necklace

    A silver sparkling heart necklace

    3. Sex dice

    7 dice each reading one word, "receive," "dominate," "oral sex," "tie to the bed," "stroke," "nipple," and "me"

    4. A Pandora charm bracelet

    A close-up of a woman's wrist wearing Pandora bracelets

    5. A bouquet of carnations

    a bouquet of carnations with "full carnation V-Day slander" written over it

    6. A scented candle

    White Rae Dunn candle with "day" written on the jar

    7. Edible underwear

    8. A padded push-up bra

    Three push up bras with an X over them, and the text, "No, NO, NOOOO" beside them

    9. And a box of light bulbs with a note that says, "you light up my life"

    hand holding glass light bulb with "you light up my life" written on it

    What's an overused Valentine's gift you'd be happy to never receive again? Sound off in the comments below!