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13 Things We All Did Before Opening That ONE Christmas Gift

Christmas morning is all about that one gift that makes us freak out. But sometimes the best gifts are the ones we least expect — like Norton Security.

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1. First things first: when you wake up, you've got to harness all the energy you can muster.

2. Start by dancing around the living room as loudly as you can to wake up the parental units.

3. If they insist that you eat breakfast first, make it a painful meal. / Via

Make them regret their tyranny.

4. But when it's time to open presents, you spring into action.

5. Win back some points by giving some love to the smaller gifts.

6. Play it cool like the calm before the storm.

7. Then, quickly unleash some sick fist pumps after you rip open the gift you've been waiting for. / Via

Employ a younger sibling to back you up with supporting pumps.

8. Stop, feign composure, then give 'em the old shocked eagle face.

9. Throw some complimentary somersaults of disbelief.

Lay it on thick. Make them feel the gratitude in their bones.

10. Stay on the ground and start kicking as if the spirit of the season has possessed you.

ABC / Via

Don't let them make you stop — don't submit to exorcisms.

11. Then, jump up and dance with every awkward bone in your body.

Don't break eye contact. Make them bear witness.

12. Grab the nearest table and flip it in victory.

Try to do it outside to a table that can handle this level of freakout finale.

13. Finally, ignore the shouts of terror your freakout has caused and give everyone a hug.

Hugs solve everything. Old people love hugs.

Give the gift that’s guaranteed to cause a freakout this holiday: Norton Security.