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12 Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Want To Be A Bold Traveler

Who needs vacation days? Norton gives you the confidence you need so you can Boldly Go live your life.

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1. @bryceaviano

Bryce Aviano mixes shots of his personal life with shots of the open road and hazy, nostalgia-tinged shots of beautiful locations.

2. @kriswoo

Kristine Woolf's nature-centric shots of Southern California make the West Coast seem like the best coast.

3. @colonialwmsburg

Colonial Willamsburg's official Instagram posts amazing shots that are ripped straight from a different time. You want old school? They got old school.

4. @philipeastman

Phillip Eastman's play with color and light will have you hopping the next plane to anywhere.

5. @fosterhunting

Foster Huntington's "man in a traveling van"-style photography captures a retro travel style that makes you yearn for simpler days and open roads.

6. @zioxla

Zio's interesting angles and unique perspective make both wilderness and cityscape seem like grand adventures.

7. @bipolaire61

Bipolaire61 has shots of Antarctica that will blow your mind. Do you like penguins? You do now.

8. @joshterada

Josh Terada finds unique spots and perspectives on frequently travelled places, which makes his beautiful account a must-follow.

9. @59nationalparks

Don and Shelly are on a mission to visit 59 national parks. Their feed is a blend of travel and nature. Do not follow if you're an office worker who misses the feel of grass beneath your toes.

10. @_carolyn113

Carolyn's hashtag #endlesssummerdownunder collects photographs of her life as a new Australian. It's a mix of cool urban shots and beautiful nature and will totally make you forget how expensive flights are to get there.

11. @alixmcalpine

Alix mixes hidden Brooklyn gems with shots of her dual homes, Texas and Paris. Follow if you like whimsical shots of beautiful locales.

12. @visitcaymanislands

Follow for an almost unbearable amount of clear-blue oceans and bright white beaches.

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