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12 Guarantees We Wish Existed

We can get on board with guaranteed eternal battery life. Another guarantee we can get on board with? The Norton Security 100% virus free guarantee or your money back.

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4. The "Best Friend" Guarantee

No laughing at embarrassment, injury, mishap, mistake, or "fail." Never. Not allowed.

6. The "No Crack, No Cry" Guarantee

Aaron Stidwell / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: rankingfuuta

No more moments of terror when you've dropped your phone and you're afraid to pick it up, praying over and over "oh no please be fine please be fine please be fine."

7. The "Parents and Boundaries" Guarantee

Parents will not post, tag, tweet, email, call and "Yo" you after not hearing from you for five hours. When you've told them that you won't be back for eight hours. When you're 29 years old. And married.