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    The 2017 Northwestern Bucket List, According To Alumni

    We asked the Northwestern alumni community what should be on every student's bucket list before Commencement. Here are their answers for the Class of 2017 in the few weeks remaining on campus.

    Draw on the sidewalk.

    You. A few friends. A giant bucket of sidewalk chalk. The night before Commencement. The entire sidewalk up Sheridan Road, where everyone on the parking shuttles will see it. —Tisha King Havens ’96

    Swim in Lake Michigan.

    If you haven't already taken a swim in Lake Michigan because it's never warm enough, now is the time to do it! When you're in the water turn around and look behind you at the beautiful campus, and then to the south at the amazing city of Chicago. Congrats to all graduates on achieving this milestone! —Neil Liang ’00

    Head downtown.

    Do something old adult and classy like afternoon tea at the Drake Hotel, or do the opposite and [have fun] on Rush Street one more time. —Paul Kleponis ’82

    Watch the sunrise.

    Grab some cold beverages, stay up all night, and watch the sunrise over the lake.... —Mary Meyer Kopacz ’80

    Enjoy Chicago.

    Enjoy Chicago! If you have put off Art Institute, Cubs games, Chicago

    Blues, architectural tours in Chicago, etc. Go now! You won't regret it! —Barbara Krichbaum ’65

    Tour a rare wonder.

    Visit the Bahá'í Temple. It's the only one on the continent. —Rachel Lehrer Rosner ’88


    Go sailing on Lake Michigan! —Elizabeth Partoyan ’93

    Indulge your appetite.

    Deep dish pizza ... —E.J. Donaghey ’02 MBA

    CHICKEN SHACK. —Jennifer Chang ’09

    And of course...

    Paint the Rock. —Robert Cooper ’63

    What would you add?

    What else should the Class of 2017 do before Commencement? Tell us in the comments or email

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