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12 Kinds Of Everyday Magic That Only Happen During Christmas

If you look hard enough, magic is everywhere! Bring some more into your home this December with the Northpole Communicator, brought to you by Hallmark.

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1. No one has a problem waking up early and getting downstairs on time.

omgimages / Thinkstock

Some don't even need an alarm — 😱. Try making that happen on a school day!

2. People admire the snow instead of considering it a headache.

Ricardo Reitmeyer / Thinkstock

🎼 "I'm dreaming of a whiiiiiiite Christmas." 🎶

3. Siblings get along...

4774344sean / Thinkstock

No fighting, no squabbling, no having to tell them to go to separate rooms. Why can't Christmas come more than once a year?? 🙏

4. ...unless they're politely arguing over who gets to do the chores.

Fuse / Thinkstock

Hearing them decide who'll turn on the Christmas lights in different parts of the house is music to our ears. 🎧

5. You actually get to sing Christmas music without anyone batting an eye.

Fuse / Thinkstock

⭐️ Unlike when you start singing "Silent Night" in the middle of July. ⭐️

6. Sugar suddenly stops feeling like an enemy.

Zakharova_Natalia / Thinkstock

"I'm allowed one c🍪🍪kie today. OK, maybe three."

7. You don’t feel guilty about shopping.

lola1960 / Thinkstock

Especially when you take advantage of those sales! Two words: double coupons! 🎁

8. Long family drives don't seem that long.

Kmonroe2 / Thinkstock

🚗 Because you can't wait to see your family.

9. You realize just how beautiful your town is.

windjunkie / Thinkstock

"Who do I talk to about keeping these decorations up year round?" 🎄

10. You get to see the look of pure joy on childrens' faces.

Ingram Publishing / Thinkstock

😁 And that feeling is contagious.

11. You spend more time with your neighbors.


Which is so much nicer than just popping by whenever you're locked out of your house. 🏡

12. And the most magical thing of all, more good deeds seem to happen.

The http://U.S. Army / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: soldiersmediacenter

'Tis the season. 🎅

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