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10 Kinds Of People In Your State That You Wish You Didn't Know

Don't get us wrong – we love ya, but seriously we also need a break from you. Feel the same way? Check out what the Northern Territory has to offer.

1. The beachy Insta-model with 8,000 followers and a year-round tan.

2. The hipster who manages to be condescending at every cool house party.

3. The label dropper, who is almost exclusively at designer sample sales.

4. The uber-healthy couple that lives off cold-drip coffee and interior design blogs.

5. The rich country boy who pays more attention to how pristine his polo shirt is than the convo he's having.

6. The real estate bro, complete with suit two sizes too small.

7. The shredded gym couple.

8. The yummy mummy who is only seen in activewear.

9. The guy who is obsessed with getting a great parking spot.

10. The guy who lives for festivals.

We can all do with a break. Check out this vid from NSW comedian Tanya Hennessy and the Northern Territory, and get out of the state you're in.

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