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10 College Fashion Mistakes We'll Never Make Again

We've all winced while thinking back on the "insanely cool" things we wore in college. Don't worry, Topman at Nordstrom can always help you out if you're still wearing jeans with studs on them.

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1. Experiments of the denim kind.

PYMCA/UIG via Getty Images

Being fashion forward is always a good idea, but these are pushing it a bit. A good pair of slim fit or skinny jeans instantly make you look cool.

3. Albino leather.

Zach Klein / Via Flickr: 49503102897@N01

Lots of guys go to college thinking they will be the cool leather jacket guy in their dorm. The collar on this jacket is nice. If it were in black or brown, this would be the perfect fall coat.

5. Weird graphic t-shirts.

Jim Sher / Via Flickr: blyzz

Unless it is the funniest thing you have ever read in your entire life, these shirts are hard to wear. They are a great way to show your personality, though. But you can't go wrong with a plain or vintage t-shirt.

6. Popped collars. Multiple popped collars.

Andres Rodriguez / Via Flickr: symic

The hair doesn't help, or the white wide-brimmed cap. This guy's head is where it is supposed to be, but the undershirt on top of it throws this look off. One shirt at a time, next time.