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12 Ways To Offset The Guilt Of A Splurge

So that splurge has your bank account weeping? Should've gone to Nordstrom Rack for all the best brands with no compromises.

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1. Give up your afternoon lattes for the burnt office coffee.

It's not that bad? Maybe?

2. Skip buying your usual face creams and go for DIY facials.

3. Leave the air conditioning off to lower your power bill and cool off in more creative ways.

4. Don't order takeout for a few nights and use your imagination with the contents of your fridge.

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Mmm, such a delicacy.

5. Watch hours of youtube tutorials to learn how to cut your own hair.

6. You know what's better than happy hour with the co-workers? Netflix with your faithful canine companion.

7. And who needs a fancy gym membership? The world is your gym!

8. Instead of spending a bunch of money on a movie ticket to the latest adapted film, read the book.


You have a few hours/days/weeks to spare, yeah?

9. Since you can't go out with your friends, make household chores FUN.

10. Free samples at the grocery store? DON'T MIND IF YOU DO.


That's basically dinner. Right?

11. Skip the taxi and dance the whole way home instead.

12. And redefine what "Spa Day" means to you.