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11 Unsung Heroes That Deserve a Dang Thank You

Just keep doing what you do — being awesome. Love, Nordstrom.

1. People who actually put their damn shopping carts away.

2. People who go to the movies dressed up as the characters on the screen.

3. Guy who held the door for you even though you weren’t that close to it and you had to awkwardly run and could tell he regretted holding it.

4. Your co-worker who interrupts meetings with awkward jokes.

5. Candy canes.

6. Those scientists trying to prove wine and chocolate are good for you.

7. Professional gift-wrappers.

8. Pumpkin-flavored everything.

For allowing us to express our basic selves.

9. Department store greeters.

10. Makers of noisy toys.

11. This man and this dog.

What unsung hero did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

This holiday season Nordstrom just wants to say thanks. That's it. Oh, and happy holidays. But mostly thanks.