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14 Things Only People Who Love Shopping Will Understand

Sales, people. It's all about new stuff at sale prices. *cough* Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale *cough*

1. Dressing rooms with clothing limits are your living nightmare.

Courtesy of Megan K.

"I did NOT almost break my arm under the weight of all these clothes to be told I can only bring FOUR items inside! How am I supposed to mix and match?"

2. And you've bought a bunch of stuff without trying it on because the fitting room was too long.

Courtesy of BuzzFeed

It's a gamble. Sometimes it works, and sometimes you hope for a great return policy.

3. Which might be for the best because you do some pretty weird stuff in there.

BuzzFeed Violet / Via

You talk to yourself...and test out your go-to dance moves.

4. You religiously check your email for discounts.


"Dear shopping gods, please let me receive a 40% off coupon code today." 🙏🏼

5. You even have a separate account specifically for sale notifications.

Courtesy of Megan K.

You pretty much delete everything except for a few chosen stores. Sorry, not all sales are treated equally.

6. And you're on like 30 different lists that promise to "email you when it comes back in stock!"

MTV / Via

You've also got Google Alerts and have emailed the store directly because persistence pays off. Right?

7. Either way, the weekend after your paycheck is dangerous.

CHANEL / / Via

Your brain says "no," but your heart says "YAAASS!"

8. Because if that perfect pair of shoes is on sale, you will buy them.


In every color.

9. You're constantly sending friends selfies of potential outfits...

Courtesy of Hannah C.

With slightly different poses for ~dramatic effect~.

10. ...50% because you want to know if you should buy it, 50% because you look good.

BuzzFeed Blue / Via

Damn good.

11. Snatching the last item in your size makes you feel, like, so thrillingly ruthless. / Via

Finders keepers, losers weepers.

12. Sometimes you even go to multiple locations of the same store.

Bravo / Via

Ya know, just in case they have anything different.

13. And you wake up extra early for particularly special sales.

FOX / Via

With a large coffee in hand because the early bird gets the shoes— erm, worm.

14. At the end of the day, nothing beats browsing IRL.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Shopping is your therapy. Shopping is your cardio. Shopping is life.

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