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14 Things Only People Who Love Shopping Will Understand

Sales, people. It's all about new stuff at sale prices. *cough* Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale *cough*

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1. Dressing rooms with clothing limits are your living nightmare.

Courtesy of Megan K.

"I did NOT almost break my arm under the weight of all these clothes to be told I can only bring FOUR items inside! How am I supposed to mix and match?"

2. And you've bought a bunch of stuff without trying it on because the fitting room was too long.

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It's a gamble. Sometimes it works, and sometimes you hope for a great return policy.

5. You even have a separate account specifically for sale notifications.

Courtesy of Megan K.

You pretty much delete everything except for a few chosen stores. Sorry, not all sales are treated equally.

6. And you're on like 30 different lists that promise to "email you when it comes back in stock!"

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You've also got Google Alerts and have emailed the store directly because persistence pays off. Right?

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