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13 Childhood Christmas Traditions We Should Still Do As Adults

Just because you've grown up doesn't mean you've grown out of having holiday spirit. Nordstrom gets it and wants to help you live your best holiday life.

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3. Driving around in search of your town's best Christmas lights:

Make sure to blast carols while you're at it, because you just know twinkling lights look that much better accompanied by *FA LA LA LA LA, LA LA LA LAAAAA.*

5. Making a Christmas ornament for your mom:

Mediaphotos / Getty Images

You might not be any better at it than you were when you were five, but we bet she'll love it just as much.

6. Singing your favorite carol over and over and over again all season long:


No matter how many times the mall plays it, you WILL rock out full force to "All I Want for Christmas." Some things are sacred.

7. Opening your stuffed-full stockings before Christmas breakfast:

Adam Hester / Getty Images

Go ahead. Ruin your appetite with all the chocolate you know is in there. WORTH. IT.

10. Decorating (and eating) a gingerbread house:

Thomas Damgaard Sabo, Damgaard P / Getty Images

There's no such thing as over the top when it comes to gingerbread design, so make sure you've got all the good stuff: candy canes, gum drops, Tootsie Rolls, sprinkles, marshmallows, licorice, and, of course, a chocolate Santa.

Happy holidays! Nordstrom wants to help make this Christmas shine by being the perfect spot to pick up gifts for everyone who makes this time of year so special.

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