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    Posted on Mar 2, 2016

    You Need To Hear This Gorgeous Version Of "Circle Of Life" In Spanish

    Mufasa would be proud.

    So, everyone loves The Lion King and its truly iconic opening number "Circle of Life," right?


    Yes. The answer is always yes.

    Well, you're in luck, because Alejandro Fernández has released a Spanish version of the song called "El Ciclo Sin Fin," and his voice will give you ALL THE FEELS:

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    He performs the Disney classic alongside his 18-year-old daughter Camila Fernández, who just recently signed to Universal Music.

    The song will be included in the upcoming Disney album We Love Disney Latino, which will be comprised of 20 new Spanish covers of Disney classics.

    Originally composed by Elton John, Fernández turns the song into a pop ballad that showcases the Mexican pop star's beautiful vocal chops.


    This is you:


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