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    17 Truths All Instant Ramen Lovers Will Understand

    Let's RAMENisce about the good times.

    1. You'll always get those haters who are like, "Do you know how much sodium is in that?"

    2. While all instant ramen flavors are delicious, anything with the words "Chili" or "Limón" is a GODSEND.

    3. But you know it tastes a million times better when you just do it yourself.

    4. You've definitely microwaved it at least once even though IT SPECIFICALLY SAYS NOT TO.

    5. You will forever feel cheated upon learning about "the gap."

    6. You always put your fork over the lid because you want to make sure your instant ramen is properly cooked.

    7. Lifting a batch of freshly cooked ramen with your fork/chopsticks and watching it dangle is incredibly satisfying.

    8. And eating them in one big slurp is even better.

    9. Sipping on that tasty leftover broth is orgasmic.

    10. You've wondered at least once or twice how they make those tiny little shrimps you find in the "Shrimp" flavor.

    11. Seeing someone else eat instant ramen gives you intense cravings.

    12. You've tasted uncooked, dry ramen and thought to yourself, Huh. It's actually not that bad.

    13. Even if you don't know how to cook, making instant ramen always makes you feel like a certified chef.

    14. You'll stare lovingly at your ramen cooking in a pot of boiling water for the required 4-5 minutes...

    15. ...and it will feel like an eternity.

    16. You'll always feel that heartburn afterwards, but you know that it was totally worth it.

    17. And finally, instant ramen will always have a special place in your heart because it nourished you when you were broke AF.