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45 Incredibly Manly ’90s Products That Boys Begged Their Parents For

"I got an idea! You can get a job and buy whatever you want." – Mom.

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1. This super macho snack:

2. These shoes that will light up your day:

3. Or these kicks you had to pump:

4. This awesome halloween costume:

5. You had one of these two glorious systems:

6. And then later, one of these two systems:

7. Or maybe you were too cool for school and got this little gem:


9. Your first car wash:

10. Looney Tunes "Hip Hop" apparel:

11. This ultimate figurine collection:

Homies, yo.

12. Or these ninjas that only cost a quarter:

13. This technological breakthrough in hydro weaponry:

14. These aquatic bros:

15. These incredibly compact and flexible action figures:

16. Your first tool kit:

17. This ultimate bromance story on video cassette:

18. This balancing Superman:

19. This old fashioned toy with a smart marketing ploy:

20. These legendary ice cream bars:

21. This recorder because KEVIN FUCKING MCALLISTER had it:

22. The power of the VORTEX:

23. These shirts that opened a can of fashion whoop-ass:




27. If you wanted to keep playing with toys but felt like a grown up:

28. This spinning weed pendant:

29. When this skateboarding game didn't work out...

30. There was always this one:

31. These colorful gaming systems that fit in your pocket.

32. These cards that introduced the word "holographic" into your vocabulary:

33. This bloodless, non-violent game:

34. These McDonald's Batman mugs that seem to last FOREVER in your cupboard:

35. This speedy popsicle:

36. This long lost cereal:

37. These VR Trooper and Power Rangers pogs from McDonald's:

38. This video tape rewinder that you always confused for a toy car:

39. This toy that finally allowed you to eat bugs:

40. Your first driving simulator:

41. These nearly extinct cap guns:

42. This Scholastic novel:

43. The only dictionary that ever mattered:

44. This toy set that was just out of this world:

45. And finally, FUBU:

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