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    23 Awesome Shark Things You'll Remember From Your Childhood

    Shark! Shark shark shark... Shark.

    1. This bloodthirsty table top game:

    2. Or this bloodthirsty bowling game:

    3. These snacks made with "real fruit":

    4. These roided up sharks from the streets:

    5. And their Chef Boyardee:

    6. And their ridiculously creepy '90s commercials:

    7. The one shark that eased all your gaming frustrations:

    8. This shark that appeared on all your MAUI clothes:

    9. The birth of this San Josean:

    10. This extremely helpful shark:


    12. This gastronomical arcade game:

    13. This other shark popsicle:

    14. These Lisa Frank shark stickers:

    15. This LL Cool J cinematic classic:

    16. Mega Man's greatest foe:


    17. This Yu-Gi-Oh card:

    18. This shark who didn't need water to prove its badassery.

    19. LEGO SHARK:

    20. These '90s swim trunks:

    21. This jaw-dropping attraction:

    22. These totally rad skateboards:

    23. And finally, this Windows '95 classic:

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