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    Can You Get Through This Mole Poblano Post Without Drooling?

    If you grew up with this, you already know what I'm talking about.

    We need to take a second to talk about this Mexican culinary masterpiece known a mole.

    So what is mole exactly? Well, it's complicated. It refers to a BUNCH of different sauces in Mexico. But we're gonna focus on this lovely, thick, dark brown sauce known as "mole poblano."

    Mole consists of over 20 ingredients, most notably a wide range of chili peppers and chocolate (yeah, chocolate). But unlike your typical Hershey's chocolate syrup, the chocolate hangs back and only helps the mole to achieve a certain smokey flavor.

    You take your mole and you slather this black gold all over your chicken, your enchiladas, your chilaquiles, or any other food you desire.

    What does it taste like? Heaven! But more specifically it's spicy, sweet, a little bit tangy, a little smokey, and all around awesome.

    How do you upgrade a meal? Just drip some bomb-ass mole on top of it and you got yourself a meal made for Gods.

    Just imagine the smell of chillies and sweet Mexican chocolate in the air, emanating from a dark brown sauce that's bubbling on top of some tender chicken that's falling off the bone.

    All it takes is one juicy bite and you'll automatically be transported to a happy place where you can forget about all of life's problems.

    Having a terrible day? There's nothing that mole can't fix.

    Having relationship problems? Fix it with mole.

    Got work problems? Fix it with mole.

    Life got you on the ropes and you don't know what to do? Fix it with mole.

    Mole is quite

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