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21 Mexican Food Moments That Are Oddly Satisfying

Warning: This post will make you run to the nearest taco truck.

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1. This Pelon Pelo Rico oooooozing from the top:

2. This tender al pastor meat falling off the rotisserie onto a warm tortilla:

3. This creamy Duvalin being scooped up with the little plastic thingy:

4. These tortillas being flipped with bare, intrepid hands:

5. This hot, creamy, frothy Abuelita chocolate being poured into a mug:

6. This sweet concha being prepared for baking:

7. This ball of masa being pressed into a flat, glorious tortilla:

8. These Barritas being filled with hot pineapple and strawberry jam:

9. These orejas baking in margarine:

10. This guac being mixed into perfection in a molcajete:

11. This perfect, unbroken mazapan:

12. This fried egg being dropped onto a bed of frijoles and chilaquiles verdes:

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13. The Gansito being filled with strawberry jam...

14. ...and cream...

15. ...and draped in velvety chocolate.

16. This pozole being served:

17. This man pouring a sweet batch of strawberry agua fresca:

18. This mole poblano being mixed a final time...

19. ...and being poured on some tender chicken...

20. ...seasoned with some sesame seeds...

21. ...and being ripped apart with a tortilla.

This is you:


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