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    Jul 24, 2016

    19 Food Tweets That Salvadorans Will Understand

    Salvis! IT'S TIME TO EAT!

    1. This mouthwatering snack that fought off the summer heat:

    2. The one and only "champagne":

    3. These hot and fluffy quesadillas (NOT cornbread):

    4. These power bars:

    5. Before you knew about KFC and Popeyes, there was Pollo Campero:

    6. Estos mamones:

    7. These lichas that looked weird AF but were SO GOOD:

    8. These tamales that will always remind you of Christmas:

    9. And this pan de pavo that will fill you up for days:

    10. These platanos that you'll eat with a healthy serving of crema and refried beans:

    11. El pan francés that you'll eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between:

    12. These anonas that you'd beg your grandparents to bring from El Salvador:

    13. These pasteles that will make you drool:

    14. Drinking soda out of plastic bags:

    15. And water:

    16. The grueling task of cleaning the garbanzo beans:

    17. These snacks that your mom would yell at you to stop eating:

    18. These chocobananos that perfectly captured the joy of your childhood:

    19. And finally, the dish that only your mom could make better than anyone else: