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19 Mouthwatering Photos Of Tacos That Will Sexually Arouse You

A dangerously steamy love letter.

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Dear Taco...

pancho90716 / Via

If you're reading this, I just wanted to say that I love you.

indulgenteats / Via

I can't stop thinking about you since the other night.

robertomarcelooficial / Via

You're one sexy boo and you got me under some crazy spell.

tacology / Via

Your asada and pastor meat are just too hot to handle.

picturealias / Via

I wanna wrap you up and drizzle salsa verde all over you.

joolesrules / Via

I wanna shower you with cilantro and cebolla cuz I know that's how you like it.

jerry2000mt / Via

I'll be your sugar daddy and pay for your love.

edgarc73 / Via

But baby, I gotta confess: I went to Taco Bell the other day and I just want to say, I'm sorry.

foodiefrenzie / Via

I was ashamed.

charly_lazaro / Via

It didn't mean anything. Taco Bell ain't got nothing on you.

thecherchlife / Via

I want you to know that you mean the world to me.

flushablpet / Via

I want to hold your corn tortilla in my hand, all day every day.

lamoss / Via

No, I won't wait 'til Tuesday.

elviavolta / Via

No, I won't wait 'til tonight.

luzzalocutora / Via

I don't care if it's at my spot or your truck.

rulaz / Via

I want you now.

alfredojuradom / Via

Here and now.

rockabilly_kitten / Via

Forever <3

kansascityfoodiefinds / Via

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