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This Is The Most Cringeworthy Telenovela Death Of All Time

This scene is literally ON FIRE.

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So, this is Soraya Montenegro (played by Itati Cantoral). She's the main antagonist in the iconic telenovela María la del Barrio.

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You may remember her for the famous "¡QUE HACES BESANDO A LA LISIADA!" line that made her a legendary telenovela icon. It's not polite to call people crazy, but Soraya is literally batshit insane. Like, for real.

Her demise is equally batshit insane.


So, Soraya killed two people and she's on the run from the police...

Televisa / Via Netflix

Soraya wants to flee the country, but before she does, she wants to kill María la del Barrio (played by Thalia) because her ex-husband Luis Fernando is in love with her...and she's not OK with that.

Soraya in ~disguise~ walks up to María la del Barrio and is like, "Yo. Your daughter is mad sick and she's in a creepy abandoned cabin in the woods...LET ME TAKE YOU THERE!"

Televisa / Via Netflix

Important note: María la del Barrio has AMNESIA (long story). So she decides to believe this blonde stranger and willingly goes with her, not knowing she's her nemesis.


So, while Soraya is getting turned into barbacoa, Luis Fernando picks up María la del Barrio and they peace the fuck out.

Relive it all here:

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