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17 Faces Paleta Payaso Made That You Could Relate To

Life is full of payasadas.

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1. When you wake up late for work and you're hungover AF.

2. When you order three tacos al pastor and the taquero says " more al pastor."

3. When you come back from summer vacation and you lose a little bit of weight.


4. When your mom says something racist in front of your friends.

andiirz / Via

5. When you hear someone say, "Who is Selena Quintanilla?"

jessdarkhorse / Via

6. When you've hit the snooze button 15 times and you still can't wake up.

7. When you put on your makeup in the morning.

8. When you're at the club but then you remember that you've got homework due the next day.

la_gastelum / Via

9. When you're like, "I don't need to go to the doctor...I'll be fine..."

manzanitaa / Via

10. When your mom shouts at you in front of your tías.

_laura96 / Via

11. When you're so high you can't see straight.

adrytenoriog / Via

12. When you gotta take your drunk friend home after going to the club.

imberryscary / Via

13. When your boo says, "We gotta talk..."

diego_coro / Via

14. When you fall asleep in the tanning booth:

rabbitomedel / Via

15. When you see "Salvadorans" spelled "Salvadorians":

karlaaddicts / Via

16. When you go to the club and they charge you $15 for a beer.

claramalle93 / Via

17. And finally, when you walk in on your parents having sex.

jamesdnv / Via

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