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    16 Words To Think Differently About In 2016

    Because they matter more than you think.

    1. Therapy

    2. Race

    Because it's not a "card"; it's a big part of people's identity and how they interact with the rest of the world. Better to approach discussions of race with nervousness than to pretend, for one's own convenience, that we're post-race when race-based inequity is still so pervasive in our society.

    3. Fat

    4. Skinny

    here we go again.... Sure I'm not the only 1 feeling this way today!! in case you need a reminder, you're beautiful🌬

    Because body composition should never be stigmatizing.

    5. Old

    6. Dark

    Because complexion isn't an insult, and ummm...have you seen Lupita and Mindy?

    7. Virgin

    8. Bisexual/pansexual

    9. Curvy

    10. Flat

    11. OCD

    12. Kinky

    13. Plus-size

    14. Nappy

    15. Bipolar

    16. Diversity

    Now go forth and be compassionate!