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17 Women Who Don't Give A Fuck About "Fashion Rules"

They're good, thanks.

2. This woman who thought about "covering up the girls," but realized she was more comfortable freeing them in the hot-ass summertime, which is what fucking matters.


6. This woman who's read that moms "shouldn't show belly," but didn't actually lose her damn right to bodily autonomy when she birthed a child, sorry!


9. This woman who knows she's "supposed to" wear a shirt when she runs, but realized she fucking deserved to be comfortable like men are allowed to be.


15. This woman who realizes it's not "mature" or whatever to dress like Cookie Monster, but also enjoys just fucking having fun, which is enough.

17. And finally, this woman who can predict people's slut-shaming bullshit, but also knows body parts aren't inherently sexual, and is going to wear what she fucking wants.

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