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17 Quirky Wedding Photos That Will Make You Feel Things

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to see some strange shit.

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5. These two who really meant "together forever":

E. Dean / Getty Images

The photo is of George Arthur Carvossa, a detective at London's Paddington Green station, and Phyllis Marion, whose father was chief of police.

7. This fueled-up fiesta:

J. A. Hampton / Getty Images

June 4, 1938, wasn't just this couple's wedding — it also marked the opening of a new gas station in the town of Iver, England, which had to be celebrated accordingly.


11. This impromptu teatime:

Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

This brilliant bunch was keeping warm while waiting for Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald's daughter, Dr. Joan MacDonald, to arrive to her wedding in 1932.


16. This silly ceremony:

Express / Getty Images

The clowns weren't there just for entertainment; they were celebrating the marriage of groom Roly Bain, who was both a professional clown and an Anglican priest.