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    17 Impossibly Easy Tricks For Getting Your Ass Up In The Morning

    No more hitting snooze until you're late. Yes, you.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community what their best trick was for being a morning person. Here's how they get up and start their days on time:

    1. Wake up to the smell of coffee...

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "It makes my apartment smell like velvety deliciousness first thing in the morning, and I get out of bed to a piping-hot fresh mug of 'Wake up!'" —devikaj

    2. ...or just the effects of it.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "When my alarm goes off, I just chug the cold coffee as fast as I can and go back to bed for half an hour. By the time my alarm goes off again, the caffeine has kicked in, and it's a lot easier for me to get my day started." —Katherine Robinson, Facebook

    3. Download an app that forces you to get out of bed...

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "Just take a picture of something in your house, and once your alarm starts, it won’t stop until you get your ass up and take that picture. You can also set it up to have no snooze option, to get louder the longer it takes you to get up, and to not allow uninstalling. I haven’t woken up late since getting it!" —m4fc7553f6

    Get it on iTunes or Google Play.

    4. ...or simply rig up multiple alarms.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "It will force you to GET UP!" —Diana Monno

    5. Prep the night before...

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "That way, all I have to do is roll out of bed, brush my teeth, and maybe straighten a few stray hairs. I'm out the door in 15 minutes." —Hannah Mae Burt, Facebook

    6. ...and definitely have a good playlist on hand!

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "My personal favorite is Rap Caviar on Spotify." —Louisa Takyiwaa, Facebook

    7. Use light to your advantage...

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "I need a pitch-black room to even attempt to sleep, but if I get a little crack of light peeking in on sunny mornings, it annoys me enough to get up." —AmandaKoz

    8. ...and really take it all in.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "Focusing my vision helps me get awake and alert quickly." —cayenemifalanm

    9. Be strict about your sheets...

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "Once it's made, the desire to mess it up and go back to sleep disappears!" —tam121091

    10. ...and know that cold is good.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    —Laura Foltz, Facebook

    11. (On your face...)

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "It wakes me right up!" —royalcutie92

    12. (...on your bod...)

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "Warm is too comfortable, and you will snooze in there." —Sonya Chiang, Facebook

    13. (...and on your tongue.)

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "It helps shock me awake!" —sunbeamshow

    14. And definitely make the morning me time...

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "Whether you're taking your time to do your hair and makeup, watching YouTube videos, or something else, you're set up for success when you start your day with a smile!" —prazz777

    15. ...whether that means reading...

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "I read every night up to some reveal or climax, and in the morning, wake up to read exactly who killed whom and why Susan was stabbed with a butter knife. By then, I’m usually too awake to go back to sleep." —cetrick

    16. ...exercising...

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "I know no matter how tired I am at first, midway through my workout, I'll be awake." —Michaela Campbell, Facebook

    17. ...or treating yourself to a good meal.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "I get up earlier just so I have time to relax and eat before starting the day." —Julia Willametz, Facebook

    You deserve it! Now go out and take on the world.

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. Also, this definitely isn't medical advice, so check with your doctor to make sure any changes to your normal routine are right for you.

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