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    17 Beautiful Gold Foods You'll Want To Eat Right Now

    Because karats > carrots.

    1. For breakfast, grab yourself one of these darling donuts...

    @californiadonuts / Via

    2. ... or these ones...

    @stylemelbourne / Via

    3. ... or this one.

    @laurenscala / Via

    4. And don't forget to wash it down with a cup of high-karat coffee.

    @chuing_hjoo / Via

    5. Then, would you prefer sushi for lunch?

    @jiyoo_umma / Via

    6. Or a big brass-y burger?

    @hwvisual / Via

    7. Or is this delectable looking dim sum more your speed?

    @houseofriots / Via

    8. Then pick up a quick treat, like this hazelnut eclair from the heavens...

    @jordanrisa / Via

    9. ... truffles sprinkled with sparkles...

    @tinemj1 / Via

    10. ... ice cream that's fit for a queen...

    @okuloop / Via

    11. ... or macarons with a Midas touch.

    @cakecarousel / Via

    12. A gold-crusted cocktail is the definition of happy hour...

    @carolineoncrack / Via

    13. ... so pair it with a luxurious lamb shank for dinner...

    @kmjpizzie / Via

    14. ... or this Portuguese dish that's preternaturally pretty.

    @inassy81 / Via

    15. And top that off with a delightfully dusted dessert...

    @dizzydee_73 / Via

    16. ... like this custard that's an absolute work of art...

    @jasonbakerybree / Via

    17. ... or a slice of cake with some serious shine.

    @olivia_capri_cakery / Via


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