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This Body-Positive Project Shows How Amazing Women Really Are

Underneath We Are Women will show 100 women at their realest.

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Each model is asked to strip down to her underwear and tell her story, including one adjective she'd use to describe herself underneath it all.

Herrmann said that last year, she came across a sketch about the project that she'd made years earlier, and decided to finally go for it.

"I had just had my second daughter at the time and thought how powerful this project would be for my kids — a project that showed true diversity through untouched and natural photographs," she told BuzzFeed.

And although Herrmann's models — including mothers and moms-to-be, women with disabilities, trans women, and survivors of illness — have all been incredibly different, there tends to be a common thread on shoot day.

"The most surprising thing about this project is the change that happens when these women are photographed," said Herrmann. "They come into the studio extremely self-conscious...but during the shoot, there is always a moment when I see them let go."

"It's a beautiful thing to see a woman who has been so unhappy in her skin for so long completely let her guard down, even just for a couple of minutes."

"They start by saying things like, 'Oh, that one is pretty,' or 'No, I don't like my tummy in that one,'" she told BuzzFeed, "but then we get to the images where they have really let go, and their personality truly shines."

"They say things like, 'Wow, I am fierce in that shot!' It's wonderful seeing that shift in their attitude toward their bodies and themselves."

"I hope this project will empower people," Herrmann, who is running a Kickstarter to turn the project into a book, told BuzzFeed. "I hope that it will shed some light on the types of bodies and stories we don't see or hear about in the media."

"I wish there was a project like this around when I was younger; if there was, perhaps women wouldn't feel the need to be involved in mine, just to gain their lives back after years of self-depreciation."

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