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11 Incredible Things That Prove Thick Thighs Are A Gift

No gap, no problem.

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Yes, you probably have to deal with the dreaded chub rub.

An ode to chub-rub called "Thighs on Fire," sung to the tune of Kings of Leon's "Sex on Fire." #chubrub #TheStruggleIsReal #psbloggers


And sure, you may have to sacrifice a few pairs of jeans along the way.

Look familiar?


6. And should you decide not to bring any dance partners home, you can always follow Tweet's example.

Those gams were just made for lotions, oils, and one "Damn, I'm sexy!" feeling leading to another.

(Side note: Can you believe there was a time when this was the cultural definition of "Tweet"?)

9. If you're of the tattooed persuasion, well, you've got some extra real estate.

another leg photograph, sorry not sorry. #BossApprovedInk #tattoos #legs #thickthighs

10. Plus, physiques like yours inspire anthems like this.

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11. And then, perhaps, there is the most important consideration of all.


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