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11 Incredible Things That Prove Thick Thighs Are A Gift

No gap, no problem.

When you think about it, having thick, juicy thighs really is a blessing.

Yes, you probably have to deal with the dreaded chub rub.

An ode to chub-rub called "Thighs on Fire," sung to the tune of Kings of Leon's "Sex on Fire." #chubrub #TheStruggleIsReal #psbloggers

And sure, you may have to sacrifice a few pairs of jeans along the way.

But there are also some great things about being part mermaid.

1. For one, your legs are one heck of an inviting seat.

2. You've got curves, and plenty of 'em.

3. As good as you look in tight stuff, though, you can't even be mad about the JNCO comeback.

4. Not to mention, your divine drumsticks make you strong AF.

For real.

5. In fact, your perfect "workout" is shaking it all over the dance floor.

Oooh, yeeeah.

6. And should you decide not to bring any dance partners home, you can always follow Tweet's example.

7. And whatever your masturbatory status, they're always good for keeping your hands warm.

8. Plus, even though dudes are always hollering at them thangs...

... the upside is, anyone trying to sneak a peek up your skirt is outta luck.

9. If you're of the tattooed persuasion, well, you've got some extra real estate.

another leg photograph, sorry not sorry. #BossApprovedInk #tattoos #legs #thickthighs

10. Plus, physiques like yours inspire anthems like this.

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11. And then, perhaps, there is the most important consideration of all.

So keep it thick, babygirls and boys, because you are freakin' killing it.