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This Is What Curvy Actually Looks Like

Hint: It's not just Beyoncé.

For some reason, people really seem to struggle with the meaning of "curvy."

There's this "definition" folks like to cite when they're putting others down.

I don't like it when very fat women call them selves 'curvy', having massive fat rolls is not the definition of curvy.

Their is way to many people confused with the definition of curvy😂 theirs a difference between being curvy ⏳ and being fat🐷 kno your role

Curvy does not mean 'fat' or 'plus-size'. Curvy means that a woman has hips, boobs, and a waist-to-hip ratio of .7 and below. #petpeev

Yep, people get reeeal authoritative about it. Beyoncé gets dragged into it a lot.

I hate it when skinny girls call themselves curvy, equally hate it when fat girls call themselves curvy. @Beyonce is the definition of curvy

And she is curvy, so that makes sense.

As is the case with many descriptors, however, there's more than one true example of "curvy".

Severija / Getty Images

As a public service, BuzzFeed Life has consulted several actual dictionaries (which show "curvy" as the adjective form of "curve") and compiled a helpful guide of what curvy really looks like.

So, keeping that in mind...

So, keeping that in mind...

See this woman? She's curvy.

Wait for it...yep, still curvy.


tinakawho / Via Flickr: 28481088@N00

Daaaamn girl, nice fitting that definition!

Oo-wee! You too, you absolutely curvy being.

Just like this winding road.

Mikel Ortega / Via Flickr: mikelo

And this chandelier.

Son of Groucho / Via Flickr: sonofgroucho

No way. How can all this curvy be possible?!


Liz West / Via Flickr: calliope

Just like this bike is.

Daniel Oines / Via Flickr: dno1967b

Just like these foreboding lamps.

Carlo Mirante / Via Flickr: crocieristi

Are you seriously not seeing these curves? They're backlit, for goodness' sake.


Liz West / Via Flickr: calliope

Just like this underutilized patio set.

Wonderlane / Via Flickr: wonderlane

Just like this feat of architecture.

Francisco Anzola / Via Flickr: fran001

Or this one.

batintherain / Via Flickr: batintherain


Peter Zoon / Via Flickr: peterzen


tribp / Via Flickr: 82088316@N05


The simple fact is, the definition of "curvy" so often used as a weapon doesn't actually exist. So while there are valid reasons for people not to identify themselves as such, they're the ones who get to decide. After all, no one else has more authority.

Tell 'em, B.

These curves have no problem. Why should you?
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