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    19 Totally Gorgeous Plus-Size Models Who Aren't Ashley Graham


    If you haven't been hiding out under a rock for the past couple of months, you may have noticed that Ashley Graham has been on the cover of approximately 932401956 magazines.

    No shade whatsoever to Ashley Graham. Ashley Graham is stunning. Ashley Graham is great at what she does. Ashley Graham is a total sweetheart. Ashley Graham has helped to empower a whole lot of people.

    But Ashley Graham deserves a damn break so she can relax, drink cocktails from a coconut, and count all that cash she's raking in.

    And besides, there's more than one plus-size model in the world. Like, for instance, the talented and gorgeous ladies below.

    1. Olivia Campbell

    2. Bishamber Das

    3. Hayley Herms

    4. Naomi Shimada

    5. Andrea Michelle

    6. Liris Crosse

    7. Jennifer Buckingham

    8. Katana Fatale

    9. Philomena Kwao

    10. Jade Allwaze

    11. Katie Knowles

    UK model Knowles has been making headlines not only for her classic beauty, but for her modeling with spinal stenosis and a degenerative disc disease that put her in a wheelchair at age 15. Now able to walk again with limited mobility, she shines in everything from whimsical bridal shoots to sexy lingerie shots.

    12. Jezra M.

    13. Nancy Ramirez

    14. Sommer Green

    15. Dandridge

    16. Vanessa Mays

    17. Sabrina Servance

    18. Melissa Henrius

    19. Rayna Salcido Alvarez

    Alright, girl. Get your coconut on.