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    11 Noncommittal Ways To Experiment With Your Hair

    Fake it 'til you make it.

    Zoë Burnett / Buzzfeed

    Changing your hairstyle can be a totally awesome experience! But for the less decisive among us, it can be a source of stress, too.

    @juliareinstein / Via Twitter: @juliareinstein

    Which is why it's so great to leave your options open by experimenting with totally reversible changes. The 11 things below will allow you to switch up your look, without actually committing to color or making the big chop.

    1. Get bangs with the help of clip-ins...

    avintagevanity / Via

    Classy Rebel sells a bunch of styles, including retro "Bettie" styles, soft swooped bangs, and more.

    2. ... or simply clever strand placement.

    rojaspinoza / Via

    Here's how you do it.

    3. Locks too short for a crown braid? Fake one with a braided headband. / Via

    JustBraydz by Chaya sells some pretty convincing ones ($35-45).

    4. Or what about clip-ins that aren't bangs?

    thesanmarshall / Via

    While clip-in buns and ponytails do exist, this cute topknot was created by styling standard clip-in human hair wefts. Check out straight versions in several colors (roughly $19-110) here, and wavy and curly ones (roughly $59-69) here.

    5. How about some clip-ins with a little color?

    amberbrogly / Via

    This bundle ($7.99) includes 12 heat-friendly clips in several shades of the rainbow.

    6. Or if that's not really your thing, you could try hair chalk...

    ambika_pillai / Via

    One package of Got Glam Hair Chalk ($14.99) contains 24 super cute colors.

    7. ... hair mascara for smaller areas...

    iksauve / Via

    These Joyous ones ($6.99) come in 12 fun shades.

    8. ... or super easy spray-in color.

    caitiecakes1 / Via

    Jerome Russell BWild sprays ($5.98) come in a bunch of bright hues.

    9. If you're more in the market for a fake-out chop, look into creating a faux bob...

    daniebueno_thestylist / Via

    Here's how to do it.

    10. ... a made-you-look faux pixie cut...

    _kingofthemods / Via

    Learn how here.

    11. ... or braid or pin your hair back tightly to create a faux side cut.

    pebbleshairstyles / Via

    Learn to do it here.

    Whatever you do, have fun playing around!

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