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    15 Wonderfully Nerdy Subscription Boxes Every Culture Vulture Will Adore

    From records to comics to Pusheen and beyond.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community about their favorite subscription boxes. Here are the book, music, and other fandom-related results.

    All of these are priced per box or in the smallest amount possible, not including multi-box subscription discounts.

    1. Muse Monthly, $21

    musemonthly / Via

    "Every month you get a new book and tea, and they're always complimentary in some way. It's a little box of comfort and enlightenment." Submitted by Nikki Stango Sterling, Facebook

    2. Vinyl Me, Please, $27

    vinylmeplease / Via

    "You get one special edition record a month, a drink pairing, and custom art work, plus you get access to their members-only store. They have a lot of cool and unique records you can't find anywhere else." Submitted by allisonm9

    3. Loot Crate, $13.95

    _stephgreen / Via

    "The themes cover multiple franchises, so there's something for everyone, plus occasionally there are limited edition themed crates like Star Wars and Call of Duty. You can also subscribe to Lvl Up (clothes whose themes match each month's Loot Crate)." Submitted by Koryn

    4. 1 Up Box, $12.92

    funkotree / Via

    "It is very similar to LootCrate, but I think you get cooler and more unique items with this one — plus, you're guaranteed a tee shirt in every box." Submitted by loral2

    5. Fandom of the Month Club, $13

    candaceclark22 / Via

    "It's a monthly jewelry subscription to satisfy all your nerdy desires. January's theme was Death Eaters, and December was Star Wars!" Submitted by Ashley Huff, Facebook

    6. OwlCrate, $29.99

    jenniferwindram / Via

    "It's wonderful for all book lovers out there; I'm always looking forward to getting it and seeing the marvelous things inside!" Submitted by lenam46daa14fe

    7. Pusheen Box, $39.95+

    christineknee / Via

    "The assortment is amazing, there's always a collector item, and even the box it ships in is adorable!" Submitted by gertrudee

    8. Gamer Girl Monthly, $13

    fictionfood / Via

    "It's great for gamer girls who want cool little things related to gaming, but is also feminine." Submitted by shelbyg4b7eb57e5

    9. Nerd Block, $19.99

    boobadi / Via

    "You get a few TV, video game, and movie-themed items, depending on what type of block you choose (classic, arcade, horror, sci-fi) as well as a shirt." Submitted by kimberleyg438667bb1

    10. The Rumpus Book Club, $28

    smashley512 / Via

    "You get a new book every month, before it's even published!" Submitted by lesaurores

    11. Vnyl, $22+

    demarx / Via

    "Great for vinyl lovers — you get records sent to you monthly!" Submitted by brittanym487967ec2

    12. Marvel Collector Corps, $25

    mysubscriptionaddiction / Via

    "For me, it's a pretty nice splurge because they change themes from the Marvel Universe every box. All the items in the box are 100% exclusive to the subscription box, and are meant to be a surprise!" Submitted by Chantal Kloei Villanueva, Facebook

    13. Book of the Month Club, $16.99

    anniepallam / Via

    "You get to pick one hardcover book from five books options so you never end up with something you don't like, and you can add books from previous months for $9.99 each." Submitted by stephanieb149

    14. Fandora's Box, $25

    thenerfherderblog / Via

    "I've tried basically all the major geek/gamer sub boxes, and this is by far the best." Submitted by jonsnew

    15. The Bookish Box, $29.99

    mollysbooknook / Via

    "It comes with a beautiful book inspired shirt and three bookish items!" Submitted by keillam

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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