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    This Genius Project Shows The Plus-Size Women Who Ads Ignore

    For once, women sizes 24 and up get to show their style.

    Tired of not seeing bodies like theirs represented in media, 12 plus-size bloggers decided to create their own "22+ Style" lookbook.

    The lookbook is a response to mainstream plus-size campaigns that feature almost exclusively hourglass-shaped women on the lower end of the plus spectrum.

    The project features Cruz, who blogs at Fearlessly Just Me, and ShaKera of The Real Sample Size...

    "The words 'flattering' and 'slimming' are no longer a part of my life," says Cruz in the book. "I wear what I love and feel great in."

    "Get comfortable in your skin and then take risks," ShaKera adds.

    ... Amanda of My Bella Moxie and Meagan of This is Meagan Kerr...

    Amanda notes that she found her style when she stopped caring what other people thought.

    "You don't need to worry about trends," Meagan adds. "Just find what works for you."

    ... Lisa of MustangSallyTwo and Meshel of The Muffin Queen's Closet...

    "As a size 26/28," Lisa explains, "I know the challenges of finding clothes in this size range and I hope to share what I have learned over the years with my readers." Meshel's tips are to wear what makes you smile and feel beautiful.

    ... Corissa of Fat Girl Flow and Amanda of Fashion, Love, and Martinis...

    Corissa says her style is inspired by fat activism, and is interested in dismantling ideas of body positivity, fatness, and gender. Amanda advocates for making your social media feeds a place of inspiration and support by following people who look like you, and people whose style you admire.

    ... Emily of Authentically Emmie and Ashley of My Simple Curvy Life...

    "Wear items that make you feel great because they are a reflection of who you are, not what size you are," says Emily. Ashley adds, when discussing which plus-size women are most often shown in media, "Although I love my other curvy sisters, I want to see how clothes actually fit on my body."

    ... Rebecca of The Plus Side of Me and Amanda of Koker Chronicles...

    Rebecca talks about not needing to have a signature style — she doesn't believe in limiting yourself to a single aesthetic unless you want to.

    And as for Amanda? She says what inspires her is "Women who are not afraid to go after what they want and deserve, and do not apologize for it."

    Yes, ladies! Check out the full lookbook here.