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    27 Halloween Costumes For Men That Will Probably Make You Tingle Down There

    Please, try to contain yourself.

    1. Sexy Cowboy

    2. Sexy Scot

    We're a long way from Groundskeeper Willie, y'all.

    3. Sexy Doctor

    As long as he scrubs dat ass with iodine beforehand, we good.

    4. Sexy Sailor

    Se(a)men joke here.

    5. Sexy Referee

    Calls the shots/can help you find something cute and supportive for a high arch at Foot Locker.

    6. Sexy Firefighter

    Those nipples will definitely be hot if he doesn't invest in some anti-chafe cream.

    7. Penis Pan

    Doesn't grow older — only grows bigger.

    8. Sexy Ancient Greek Dude

    AKA Penis Pan on laundry day.

    9. Sexy Pizza Delivery Guy

    You're hot for sure, dude, but I am gonna be so pissed if there's no actual pizza in there.

    10. Sexy Ninja

    Crouching tiger, hidden fuckboy.

    11. Sexy Chimney Sweep

    Likes to clean? Check. Otherwise filthy? Check. Consider my flue open for business!

    12. Sexy Holy Man

    Have mercy.

    13. Sexy Minion

    Not sure why this came up in our "sexy" search, but you could always cut a naughty little hole for your balls or something.

    14. Sexy Lumberjack

    For Sexy Brooklynite, just add LP collection.

    15. Sexy Cat in the Hat

    Sexy because you know he'll listen intently to all your fascinating stories about Mittens.

    16. Sexy Caveman

    Complete with backward views on consent, reproductive rights, and the wage gap.

    17. Sexy Bacon

    Would tear apart with my teeth.

    18. Sexy Peaceful and Respectful Police Officer

    Because who needs a firearm when you're packing that baton?

    19. Sexy Pepsi Can (I, Please?)

    When that sexy doctor told you to cut back on sugar, this isn't what he meant. Quench your thirst.

    20. Sexy Elephant

    Will never forget your anniversary/tampons/Chipotle.

    21. Sexy Shark Attack Victim


    22. Sexy George Washington

    Can chop down my cherry tree anytime.

    23. Sexy Rudolph

    And if you ever saw him, you would even say you blow.

    24. Sexy Gandalf

    You know he'll put a ring on it, plus dude's rocking one hell of a flavor saver.

    25. Sexy Butler

    Oh, those white gloves are not gonna work where you're going.

    26. Cosplay Fox Furry Fella Guy

    Sexy because he is comfortable with his marginalized sexuality.

    27. Sexy Giant Squid