Serena Williams Was Just Named Sports Illustrated's Sportsperson Of The Year

    Sports Illustrated puts the athlete and all-around queen exactly where she should be.

    So, Sports Illustrated just named Serena Williams its Sportsperson of the Year.

    The magazine captured Queen Williams at her most unapologetically slayful, chatting with her about tennis and more.

    SI says Williams earned the title both because of her phenomenal year in terms of numbers, and her almost superhuman dedication to her game (and basically everything else).

    On top of that, she also showed at New York Fashion Week, took a public stand against police brutality, and studied to get her pre-med degree...

    ... finally returned to Indian Wells, the California stadium where in 2001, then-19-year-old Williams was booed and allegedly called racial epithets by the crowd...

    ... and even CHASED DOWN AND HAD RIDICULOUS MERCY ON some jerk who tried to steal her cell phone.

    And though it may seem to outsiders like, HOW IS SHE SO AMAZING AT EVERYTHING?!

    Williams says that's not the way she thinks about it.

    We know you will, Serena. But maybe take some time to enjoy your successes, too!