This Commercial Actually Wants Young Women To Accept Themselves

    Young women speaking some #amazingtruth.

    In between all the ~drama~ during this year's VMAs, viewers were treated to a commercial embracing just the opposite.

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    The #SelfAcceptanceSpeech ad, from skincare company Clean & Clear, features seven girls discussing their unique features, which are often considered to be imperfections.

    These include large ears, glasses, being "too smart," and, of course, acne.

    The thing about these girls is, they've found a way to overcome the sting of unkind words.

    Not only do they love themselves — they also have incredible insight into why others try so hard to keep them from doing so.

    "They feel that something is wrong with them," one young woman points out of the motivations behind bullying. "So they want to make someone else feel hurt."

    "Everyone has their own style, their own way," says another. "That's what makes them unique and beautiful."

    Twitter is (very sensibly) loving the campaign...

    "I accept that my forehead is big" GIRL I FEEL YOU - love yourself ❤️ #selfacceptancespeech #VMAs

    When a commercial makes you cry 😭 #selfacceptancespeech

    All those girls were beautiful and I believe everyone is! #SelfAcceptanceSpeech #VMAs ❤

    The Clean&Clear #SelfAcceptanceSpeech commercial should be watched by everyone as a reminder to love yourself, no matter what.

    The #SelfAcceptanceSpeech commercial has made me emotional every time. Self love is so important!

    ... with some inspired users even sharing their own self acceptance speeches.

    I accept that i dont have the perfect body #SelfAcceptanceSpeech

    I love me and I accept myself flaws and all #SelfAcceptanceSpeech

    #SelfAcceptanceSpeech I accept the fact that I have curves, I accept the fact that I have bigger thighs, I accept that I may not be "pretty"

    I'm weird, and sometimes I say the wrong things, but I love me, and there's no one else I'd rather be. I love me. #SelfAcceptanceSpeech

    Fewer airbrushed, silently smiling models in ads aimed at adolescent women, please. More sage wisdom like this.