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    13 Life-Changing Sex Toys To Add To Your Nightstand In 2017

    Amazon users keep ~coming~ back to these NSFW products.

    1. A cock ring with a little extra ~buzz~:

    Promising review: "Amazing ring! I've tried many and this one is just the right size and shape to get the job done. Most of the sub-par rings don't reach my anatomy during intercourse and this one hits the spot! Love the little nubs on it also. Good quality and well made product!" —Review Girl

    Price: $30.99 // Rating: 4.8/5

    2. A sleek glass dildo for G-spot stimulation:

    Promising review: "Bought as a gift for my wife and she is loves it. Packaging is very nice and the individual boxes are great for safe storage." —Brian

    Price: $19.95 // Rating: 5/5

    3. Silicone-based lube to keep things nice and slippery:

    Promising review: "I bought this product to use in conjunction with some recently purchased glass toys, for long term use. This lube has held up to all expectations and had no problem keeping me lubricated for long duration of time, including one 24-hour plug session. I recommend this lube to my friends now, and it's my primary lube for my non-silicone toys." —M.C.

    Price: $19.40 // Rating: 5/5

    4. Or lube that tastes like your favorite cocktail:

    Promising review: "Love this stuff! Pleasant taste and smell, does not leave any greasy stains." —Laura

    Price: $10.39 // Rating: 4.4/5

    5. A butt plug kit to ease you into anal play:

    Promising review: "Awesome for a beginner like me. The smallest size is not intimidating at all. Comfortable, smooth, and they stay in well." —Heather D

    Price: $13.57 // Rating: 4.4/5

    6. A soft and spicy flogger:

    Promising review: "I really like the feel of this one. Great weight and balance. Can deliver a wide variety of strikes to suit your style of play." —Anthony R.

    Price: $22.99 // Rating: 4.8/5

    7. A waterproof vibrator you can bring in the shower:

    Promising review: "It's not too small, but it's not intimidating. The silicone is really soft and it's a vibrant pink color. It is VERY easy to use and the instructions were straightforward. It works well, and the shape is bendable for (presumably) most or all body types. The price was what led me to this, and I am very satisfied." —gamerpianist98

    Price: $21.99 // Rating: 4.6/5

    8. A swing to take your sexy times to new heights:

    Promising review: "It's not uncomfortable in the slightest and is beneficial for all couples. I'm recommending this for all couples to include in the little box of goodies as a must for enhancement, control and better leverage for both him/her and you. I've also used it to keep my legs up and wide for deeper penetration and less strain on my own legs, allowing a free hand too roam wherever it may roam." —Vicki Harris

    Price: $17.99 // Rating: 5/5

    9. Safe and sexy anal beads:

    Promising review: "The material is high-quality silicone. They are extremely flexible and soft to the touch. I like that it has the finger holes as a handle. My partner has never used beads like this before, but absolutely loves prostate stimulation. I figured this would be a great starting point for him to try out new toys, and I was so right." —Amelia Rivas

    Price: $11.99 // Rating: 4.5/5

    10. An egg vibe your partner gets to control:

    Promising review: "Very quiet and the multiple vibration patterns and speeds are great. It's fun to use." —Jennifer

    Price: $39.96 // Rating: 4.4/5

    11. Dice for lovers who like surprises:

    Promising review: "If you're not in the mood, this will put you there!" —Brandon Shoupe

    Price: $3.59 // Rating: 4.3/5

    12. Soft restraints to keep your wrists and ankles safe:

    Promising review: "The straps that go around your arms and legs are soft and don't dig into your skin, which is nice... And the straps actually work; I couldn't get myself free from them. Very comfy and fun product! Definitely worth the price!" —Drue

    Price: $12.99 // Rating: 5/5

    13. And finally, some thin, paraben-free condoms to keep the rest of you that way:

    Promising review: "I love these. They give a very real and natural sensation for both you and your partner, making it more intimate and unforgettable. I also love this company because they donate condoms to developing nations, so get yourself a box!" —Amazon Customer

    Price: $9.30 for 12 // Rating: 4.1/5


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