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    13 Life-Changing Sex Toys To Add To Your Nightstand In 2017

    Amazon users keep ~coming~ back to these NSFW products.

    1. A cock ring with a little extra ~buzz~:

    2. A sleek glass dildo for G-spot stimulation:

    3. Silicone-based lube to keep things nice and slippery:

    4. Or lube that tastes like your favorite cocktail:

    5. A butt plug kit to ease you into anal play:

    6. A soft and spicy flogger:

    7. A waterproof vibrator you can bring in the shower:

    8. A swing to take your sexy times to new heights:

    9. Safe and sexy anal beads:

    10. An egg vibe your partner gets to control:

    11. Dice for lovers who like surprises:

    12. Soft restraints to keep your wrists and ankles safe:

    13. And finally, some thin, paraben-free condoms to keep the rest of you that way: