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    This Gorgeous Former ANTM Contestant Is About To Change The Damn Game

    AzMarie Livingston is supernaturally beautiful and handsome.

    She first danced her way into the hearts of millions in 2012, on America's Next Model: British Invasion.

    But if that doesn't seem familiar, you may know her as Hakeem Lyons' friend Chicken on Empire.

    Anyway, she's stunning. And can pull off, like, every look you've ever dreamed of.

    She's part Kanye...

    ... part Grace Jones...

    ... and basically all damn legs.

    Plus she might be the only person on earth who still looks legit in a shrug.

    It's a wrap for @iamaziam great shoot today @joannberman @snaptaker @blackluna73 #josuefellciano

    Oh hey you, with your coy smile.

    Way to smolder.

    Damn, girl, your skin is dewy AF.

    Ohmygosh, you love Jussie too? Wow, we have so much in common.

    But how you gonna show up Marlon Brando at his own game?

    Or make us feel like, "Taraji who?"

    How do you rock both a suit like this...

    ... and a gown like that?

    Whatever the case, thank you AzMarie. Thank you.